My American Dream

by Cheap Haircuts

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released June 1, 2014

Mitchell McDonough: guitar, vocals, harmonica,
Michael Baldwin: piano, trumpet, bad jokes
Paul Lim: drums, percussion
Group Vocals: the new and better Destiny's Child (mitch, mike, paul, rory, hayden)

Recorded at Civil Recording in Denton, TX
All recording, mixing, and mastering by Michael Briggs
Artwork by Duck Armstrong



all rights reserved


Cheap Haircuts Denton, Texas

all piano, all the time.

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Track Name: The Blue Album
There are some people in my life who've got it bad and there are some who've got it worse but they don't mind.
So when my alarm clock rings at 7:30 in the morning, I think of these certain people and I don't whine.

Why can't we see the best in everything?

I wanna go back when I would listen to Weezer and scream every day until my throat hurt driving around in my grandma's car.
But now my life's gotten so serious, where am I going to college?
Who will I live with?
I pray to God my lungs aren't filled up with tar, but they probably are.

So why can't we see the best in everything?
And why can't I do something with my life?

So tell me right this instant if I'm doing something wrong,
I'm tired of writing how I feel inside of songs.
and I told my dad yesterday that he was right all along and I'm sorry that it took so long.
Track Name: My American Dream
I got this feeling that I am boring
so I'm going through red lights
to see if I get caught

Caught in the stress, with a trumpet on my chest
I go through old songs I learned in middle school

My american dream is to not do anything.
so for my birthday this year, all I'm asking for
is a glass of water and maybe a magazine.

and I punch just like a little kid.

But hey guys don't worry, yes I am still an old man
I love crossword puzzles and going to bed at ten.

My american dream is to not do anything.
so for my birthday this year, all I'm asking for
is a glass of water and maybe a magazine.

I'm jogging through old lonely neighborhoods
of houses my parents couldn't afford
and it's crazy to think who might live in them now

Meanwhile, I'm just sitting here all motionless
I have a tattoo on my arm of a grocery list
to see if I could keep my priorities straight.

My american dream is to not do anything.
so for my birthday this year all I want's a magazine.
Track Name: Texas Hold 'Em
I looked in the mirror earlier today and realized I feel older.
Yes I could grow a beard if I wanted, but my brain is getting dumber.
and I know it's all my fault

I keep losing all my money to all of my best friends playing cards
and doing things we know we shouldn't after dark

Reading books is pointless now if I know all the words
I keep getting woken up far too early by the sound of heckling birds
they're saying "hey man, yo dog, you got responsibilities!"
I saw a wishing well yesterday but I didn't have any coins so I bought a pack of rusty pennies but forgot what I was trying to accomplish.
I feel so so stupid.
Please wish me well.

If you punch me in the face, I'd apologize.
I always have a pair of sunglasses even when there's no sun in the sky, I guess it all comes down to the fact I can't look myself in the eye.
(come on guys, harmonize.)
Track Name: FDR
I think I'm single-handedly holding up the industry of pain medication and junk food.
I hate hate hate when I get like this
my mind is thinking in nonsense
I've got so much time but nothing to do

And I've been buying lottery tickets
I know deep down that I wont win
I just wanna say I'm sorry but I don't know how to begin

and recently everything has been moving way way way too fast
I dont know how this started, but I hope it doesn't last.
I've been thinking how my life is a political cartoon: it's pretty funny, but I know that's not the point.

Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, there are certain things that I've felt I can't let anyone know about.
I can't let word get out.
Track Name: Board Games
On the tip of my tongue there are words that I could say
to make you laugh or make you dance or make you'd wanna stay.

But my mouth doesn't move, and as night turns into day,
your smile fades away.

I drove my car into the nearest lake
to see if any part of my body could still float.
My life's an inside joke
I'm a board game too long to set up.

and now I'm choking up.
Track Name: Motel 6
All the braclets on my arm are from people I don't know anymore
I hate to say it, but it was for the better.

and you said "I have commitment issues"
then you got a tattoo on your right arm
smoking menthol cigarettes, how much cooler could you get?
so I checked into the motel 6, tried to get my mind off of this
taking clothes off in the shower
mixing drinks with kool-aid powder

As I have gotten older, I've learned a lot but I feel dumber
my fashion sense is at an all time high
I get embarrassed if you think I'm a pretty honest guy

I think I need a new escape route
a plan B in case my life gets fucked
I could move out to Ohio, sit on a wheel chair and watch my life go by
If you think it hurts to feel what's real, trust me,
it's worse to feel what is not.
my friends say "mitchell take it easy" but thinking about the future just makes me dizzy

It doesn't make a difference what I say
you're a mosquito bite I've scratched too long, and now you're here to stay.
it doesn't make a difference what I do
you'll always be hungover,
and I'll always be that boy that's hungover you.
Track Name: I Am a Diver, You Are a Shallow Pool
Well you don't have to smile when you're looking at me
you know I love you even if you're sad or you're happy
and I am a diver, you are a shallow pool
and once I hit the bottom of you I couldn't stop daydreaming at school

I dont know if you were ever aware of how jealous I get of the people that can see you everyday and everywhere.

you said "mitchell come hold me, you're the only thing that keeps me warm anymore"
and the first time we kissed I knew you were the only one that my heart could ever adore
Now a year later, you've changed houses. I've cut all my hair.
But nothings changed; i hope you know that every time you walk into my room I stare.

I swear to God above that you are never aware of how jealous I get of the people that can see you everyday and everywhere,

And I don't get butterflies in my stomach because they've all migrated to my head.
I hope that one day we could be connected to each other by a spool of thread.

Well you don't have to smile, when you're looking at me.
I'll always love you, even if you're sad or you're happy.
Track Name: Elton John
For once in my life I folded my clothes
for once in my life I told someone whom I love "no"

Cuz I've got this habit of screwing up what I've got going.

I used to comb my hair in the morning
I used to dream now I'm only snoring.

Cuz I've got this habit of screwing up what I've got going.

I used to comb my hair in the morning
I used to dream, I'm only snoring
my clothes don't fit like they used to
I got a pile of shit that I know I'll never do
I wanna say I'm sorry to anyone who's had the misfortune of knowing me.

Cuz I've got this habit,
don't I?