Bear Hugs (demo)

by Cheap Haircuts

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**This was the demo version I recorded in my dorm room around early 2015*

Today when I woke up I actually fell out of bed and hit my head.
It felt like dying.
Kinda wished that I was dead

I need a pretty girl with curly hair whose hobbies include
putting up with me.

I dont know who I am.
I hate writing my own name.
Putting thoughts into action was never really my thing

It's apathetic,
no maybe it's indifference,
but pills are the culprit.

I've spoken all my life to shoot for the stars
and do whatever it is that makes you feel happy.
But now i'll settle for $7.25,
take smoke breaks, waste Obama's time.
Slowly start to bend
I might break

I dont need people reminding me that things didn't go as planned.
I'm really fine.
I know when summer comes I'll be singing every night,
so if I seem distant
or kind of like a prick
well thats because I am.

I'm almost always alone and it's really fucking cold.
All my life decisions are under my volition.
I want someone who craves juxtaposition
or bear hugs.
Now I'm open for love.
I have vices I gotta get rid of.

And I just played in a city I thought I'd never wanna see again
and talked with a pretty girl whose very presence had me grin.
Things are getting better, and this time I'm not lying.
Things are getting better, don't fucking tell me I'm not trying.

I'd put 20 bucks you're out drinking with your friends (who you despise)
or taking 100 photos to find the right light (for instagram).
But if I had the money,
you know I'd have already spent it.
You and I both know that.
I hate how much you know about me.


released April 13, 2015
Mitchell: everything
Photo: Michael circa 2012



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